Cabinetry in Chester County, PA

There are many different qualities that you must look for when locating a first-rate contractor who specializes in cabinetry and countertop installation. Not just any company can deliver impeccable results using solid materials and fine craftsmanship. When searching for this kind of resource you do not need to look any further than Kauffman Kitchens. We maintain impressive values and make customer satisfaction with high-quality construction practices the core of our mission. We lead the market when it comes to delivering quality cabinetry in Chester County, PA at competitive prices.

Since opening our doors in 1987, Kauffman Kitchens has maintained its integrity as a family-owned business. Based on this foundation, we combine the expertise of our work with the goal of establishing a meaningful relationship with every customer that is based on honesty and trust. This commitment has allowed us to excel in both the commercial and the residential sector. We work with the customer in order to focus the job on your concerns, installing hardware that meets your requirements down to the finest details.

Countertop Installation

Kauffman Kitchens provides countertop installation in Chester County, PA. We make use of a DuPont-certified shop that unlocks your options when it comes to woods, finishes, and the resources that are used for the construction in your home. Additionally, our expertise extends to commercial countertops in Chester County, PA. The options for customers exploring the potential of our kitchens and bathrooms include choosing from solid laminates and beautiful, natural stones. The pieces that can be used for your renovations include cultured marble, varied tiles, quartz, and stone granite.

Your remodeling needs are never too large or too small for Kauffman Kitchens. We excel when installing custom cabinets and countertops in Chester County, PA, always completing jobs on time and at or below budget. You can also count on our experienced group of professionals for project managing services as well. From a single cabinet to renovations for an entire growing business, the resources at your disposal are the best in the area. Customers continue to rely on our services time and time again. Our successful history and outstanding word-of-mouth advertising allows you to know that you are partnering with a construction team that takes pride in its work. The friendly smile and astounding detail that makes each job unique impresses every client that counts on us for a job well done. Contact us today for a free quote!

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