Leola Granite Goes Beyond Beauty

Anyone who explores what the granite countertops in Leola, PA have to offer quickly discovers the wealth of advantages that comes with this home addition. On top of offering unsurpassed beauty for a vital area of the home, granite counter tops from Kauffman Kitchens give you complete durability as well. The beautiful granite options that we offer to customers extend beyond home decorating trends. Granite provides timeless beauty that raises the value of a home. In fact, granite has been in use as a surface for eating and food preparation since the time of ancient Egypt. Homeowners can also turn to Kauffman Kitchens for granite when individuality and luxury are their primary concerns in the kitchen. Every stone that is offered is completely unique. No two veining patterns are the same, and the varied, visual patterns can be selected to match any home d├ęcor.

Local Granite Company

Kauffman Kitchens is a lead granite company in Leola, PA, offering homeowners exceptional service including installation, repair, and customization for granite pieces that are ideally suited for your needs. We offer competitive pricing on this valued and resilient material for countertops. Granite gives you the cleanest possible surface on which to prepare and serve food. Granite does not harbor bacteria and is very simple to clean. Soap and water easily cleanses the surface. Owners can also take advantage of specialized cleaners that leave a thin, protective film as well. Unlike linoleum and other types of counter-top materials, granite is not prone to scratching. Slicing and other common activities will not damage the counter's surface. The only materials harder than granite that can cause noticeable damage are diamond and quartz.

The Best Kitchen Countertops

Granite is the ideal material to provide versatility when it comes to working in the kitchen. It is cool to the touch, allowing you to work with dough and other temperature-sensitive foods. Additionally, granite is heat resistant. Hot pans and other appliances can be used directly on the granite surface without there being any risk of burning, warping, or scorching. The versatility also extends to the exterior of the home. These countertops are not damaged by rain and other natural elements. The thickness of the stone can easily be adjusted to fit the application for the stone.

The installation process that we can provide to customers gives them many different options when it comes to the thickness of the stone, the mounting requirements, and the sink that is used as well. Sinks can be under-mounted with granite tops when stones of traditional weights are installed. However, it is not unusual for people to prefer top-mounting sinks. These needs can also be met. Our technicians can easily incorporate substrate boards to accommodate a wide range of thicknesses, allowing granite to be both affordable and beautiful. Contact us today for a free quote!

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